Corona Virus (COVID-19) Testing Sites Jacksonville

The City of Jacksonville is starting to open up some drive through testing sites for people who qualify to get tested. Some restrictions and qualifications do apply.

Location 1: Prime Osborn Convention Center

Address: 1000 Water St, Jacksonville, FL 32204

Hours: 11 am – 7 pm Sunday – Saturday

To qualify:

1) You MUST HAVE A REFERRAL from a doctor to qualify to get tested.

2) You can get a referral from your PCP or

3) From this app:

Location 2: TIAA Bank Field Lot J

Address: 1 TIAA Bank Field Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32202

Hours: Get there early – They have not announced a time yet

To qualify:

1) You must be 65+ years old

2) On-site temperature of 99.6 degrees or higher AND have respiratory symptoms

Must bring with you:

1) Driver’s license
2) Referral order from a physician

Having Neck Pain after Sleep? 5 Tips to Help Relieve This Pain

You had set an alarm for a Monday morning. You woke up right on time. But as you got up, you feel pain. Oops…Your neck hurts!

Perhaps, you slept the wrong way which caused strain to the neck. This strain may cause minor pain and stiffening in the tendons, muscles, and ligaments of your neck. The healing may take at least three days. While this isn’t considered a serious injury, it causes a lot of discomfort.

Before your stiff neck gets worse overtime and stops you from going to work, you should do something about it. Of course, it’s unimaginable to live life with this irritability.

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Shoulder Pain from Adhesive Capsulitis and How Chiropractic Can Help

Picture this: you’re putting on a t-shirt. Suddenly, you feel intense pain giving you a stiff feeling that limits the movement of your shoulder.

While this pain seems familiar, it doesn’t feel normal anymore. This time around, you’re unable to move your shoulder because it feels more painful than before.

Perhaps, you’re suffering from shoulder pain caused by adhesive capsulitis. Also called “frozen shoulder,” this pain worsens overtime if not treated immediately.

Wondering what should you do about it?

To get rid of this nasty pain, it’s always better to understand it so you can find a treatment option accordingly.

Let’s explore everything about this shoulder pain.

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chiropractic adjustment

Everything You Need to Know about Chiropractic Adjustment

What Is Chiropractic Adjustment All About?

A chiropractic adjustment is the use of force applied in a specific direction to bring the spinal function to normal. This procedure is carried out by a chiropractor - a medical professional who is trained to perform chiropractic adjustment.

The adjustment is carried out on any fixated joint, which been locked up and lacks proper movement. The procedure also helps readjust the bones to their normal location for the body to naturally heal and restore.

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Fun Things To Do In Jacksonville, Florida

If you were to ask, a lot of people wouldn’t know that Jacksonville, Florida is the state’s largest city with a population over 900,000 people and the 12th largest in the United States. It also has the largest amount of area of any US city in the lower 48 states. Situated on the banks of the St. Johns river in northeast Florida, it’s only 25 miles from the state border with Georgia and nearly 350 miles north of Miami, Fl. Since there are two US Naval bases in the city there is a large influence of military personnel, plus banking, insurance, logistics, and healthcare headquarters for many large corporations. There are also lots of fun and interesting things to do in Jacksonville, Florida, here are just a few.

Beaches Oktoberfest Is The Largest Beer Event In Florida

This is a 3-day event held every year at the Jacksonville Beach Seawalk Pavilion and usually attracts over 50,000 visitors annually. It is very family friendly with dozens of musical and entertainment acts appearing throughout the day on various stages. There are hundreds of food stands and trucks with every kind of food imaginable including Mexican, Indian, Lebanese, Italian, and American. Plus tons of great barbecued ribs, hot dogs, and hamburgers as well.

There are carnival games for all ages, a giant Ferris wheel with a view of the entire area, hundreds of local craftsmen and artists showing their wares, plus other activities. The proceeds of this great festival go to the Communities in Schools program in the local area. The dates vary but the festival is almost always held on the second weekend in October of each year. You can get the exact date and buy tickets online by searching for Beaches Oktoberfest for more information.

The Jacksonville Caribbean Carnival in Jacksonville Brings Tropical Culture

Starting with the Caribbean street parade just after noon with all the live music and DJs playing the various types of Latin Caribbean sounds. The costumes are more than colorful and the dancing enticing as the parade proceeds through town and ends at the Metropolitan Park 2. There you’ll experience national and international music all afternoon and into the evening until 10 PM. You’ll note how similar it is to Mardi Gras Festivals held in other locales.

While the dancing and music are fantastic, the Caribbean food is divine. There are hundreds of authentic foods and drinks offered that will be using all of the differing flavors and cultures representing the dozens of different races and cultures that make up the Caribbean lifestyle. There are also craft and artisan booths where many original artists and craftsmen display and sell their products, some are unique and can only be found at similar events. This festival is usually held in the beginning of August but you can always search online for Jacksonville Caribbean Carnival to get the exact dates and times so you won’t miss this wonderful and fun event.

There Are Plenty Of Places To Stay Nearby

Depending on what type of event you plan on attending, you can always find plenty of locally situated hotels nearby in all price ranges in Jacksonville, Florida. All you need to do is do an online search of the “10 closest hotels to Metropolitan Park, Jacksonville, Fl and you’ll get maps and basic prices of plenty of places to stay. You can read their reviews to find the right one for your family including their phone numbers, photos, prices, and amenities that are all listed in easy to read lists.

If you haven’t been to Jacksonville, Florida lately you can make arrangements easily and find something interesting to do every single week of your vacation. There are lots of places to stay and thousands of great eateries everywhere, it’s a vibrant, clean and safe destination for your entire family.

Lyme Disease and How Chiropractic Can Help

We already know that chiropractic care is among the safest of any approach to naturally and holistically treat certain patients suffering from a huge variety of symptoms and conditions which include: neck or back pain, scoliosis, sciatica, frozen shoulders, headaches, high blood pressure, acid reflux or other digestive issues, certain injuries and even some neuromusculoskeletal complaints that may have required surgery. Chiropractic adjustments allow the body to heal itself by simply maintaining proper positioning and alignment.

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Whiplash Injury and What to Do

What is a whiplash injury?

A whiplash injury is often associated with car accidents or any impact that causes rapid flexion and extension of your neck beyond its range of motion. The ligament that serves as a support movement of the vertebrae are torn which we commonly relate to as sprain.  In severe cases, fracture or dislocation of vertebrae may also occur causing soreness, sharp pain, dizziness, fatigue, and headaches.

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Chiropractic Care & Lower Back Pain

Acute and chronic lower back pain is recognized by the University of Florida as arising due to a wide variety of different medical factors. In fact, people seeking out lower back pain treatment in Jacksonville will usually be diagnosed and treated for everything from kidney problems to chronic muscle tension.

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How to Sleep Properly to Prevent or Alleviate Neck Pain

Sometimes we sleep and don't mind how we are positioned the whole night and we wake up with a stiff neck or a neck pain and wonder how we got it. Other times, we can hardly sleep because we are already feeling the discomfort that goes with a neck pain which is caused by tight hamstring or trauma.

Neck pain can keep us awake at night but with a few tips that can help alleviate the discomfort, you should be off to getting your much-needed rest in a short time.

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