Comprehensive Services in Jacksonville FL

Functional Medicine

We treat the underlying cause(s) of your symptoms, instead of just treating the symptoms themselves. This is called functional medicine. It uses scientific principles and advanced diagnostics.
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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is effective in treating musculoskeletal pains stemming from car accident injuries, sports injuries, and the daily aches and pain from sedentary office work. The treatment...
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Massage Therapy

The difference between getting soft tissue work done via massage therapy at a spa versus at a clinic is the expertise in the different conditions and muscles that causes pain. Our...
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Work Injuries

If an injury at work has reduced your performance in the workplace, our rehabilitation program provides an aggressive yet cautious approach to getting you back to work quickly. This...
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Weight Loss

Our weight loss team has the ability to help you take control of your life and live the healthy life you desire. Say goodbye to constant aches, pains, and fatigue and be prepared to watch the weight fall off.
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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is important in the recovery of your injury. It's included in your treatment plan to get the best results and outcomes for your problems. Some of the treatments include...
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Auto Accident Injuries

The two best medicines are exercise and nutrition. We focus on educating our patients how to exercise properly without risking further injury. Exercise is good, but exercising improperly...
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Sport Injuries

We are committed to sports medicine and focus our treatment on the performance needs of our athletes as well as the prevention of sports-related injuries. Whether you are a professional,...
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