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INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE: A Treatment Plan Tailored For Success

Dr. Dan Vish
Chiropractic Physician

“Health is a marathon, not a sprint.”


What sets our practice apart? It’s our unwavering commitment to seeing our patients not just as a sum of symptoms, but as whole individuals deserving of genuine, holistic care. Many clinics might offer care, but we believe in delivering authentic health care with a personalized touch for every individual in need. If you’re in Jacksonville, FL or Orange Park, FL, you won’t find a more comprehensive blend of personalized medical care, chiropractic treatment, rehabilitative therapy, and functional medicine anywhere else.

When you choose us, you’re not just selecting a health provider; you’re partnering with a team that’s dedicated to transforming your quality of life. Because genuine care is about healing the whole person, not just treating parts of them. Experience the difference for yourself.

What We Treat

Chronic Pain With Integrative Health

Addressing chronic pain is more achievable than ever, thanks to recent research insights. It’s universally acknowledged that an array of treatment options is essential, given the diverse spectrum of pain-related issues. However, the real challenge isn’t just understanding that chronic pain can be treated but finding a trusted service provider who understands the breadth of this condition. It’s worth noting that while chronic pain affects individuals across all age groups, it’s especially prevalent among those aged 30 to 50.

With this in mind, our clinic goes beyond traditional medical treatments. We offer comprehensive care encompassing medical, chiropractic, rehabilitative therapy, and functional medicine to address your health needs.  For those battling with conditions like fatigue, musculoskeletal injuries, neuropathy, migraines, and headaches, our integrative health approach is tailored just for you. Dive in to discover how our unique approach can be the answer to your pain relief journey.

How Meridian Integrative Wellness Is Unique

  • Unparalleled Integrative Services: Unique to our setting, we house both leading chiropractic, medical and functional medicine under one roof. This diversity allows us to offer you a broader spectrum of treatment options that many others simply cannot.

  • Tailored Care for You: We’re not about one-size-fits-all. Your health journey is as unique as you are. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with you to carve out a treatment plan that resonates with your specific needs and aspirations.

  • Dive Deep with Root Cause Diagnosis: We believe in long-term solutions. Instead of skimming the surface, we delve deep, aiming to understand, trace, and address the very root of your pain – considering factors ranging from daily life stresses to genetic nuances.

  • Embrace a Whole-Person Approach: Physical well-being is just a fraction of the wellness puzzle. Our holistic view acknowledges the influence of emotions, nutritional habits, and patterns, ensuring that every facet of your well-being is nurtured.

You deserve more than temporary fixes. You’re probably yearning for lasting relief and transformative care. At Meridian Integrative Wellness, we’re poised to offer you just that. If you’re tired of the constant pain and ready for a change, let’s embark on this healing journey together. Schedule your free consultation today, and let us craft a revitalizing, healing strategy, exclusively for you.

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“Professionalism, customer service, and patient care are just 3 of the many wonderful things I can say about Meridian and their staff! This is definitely a place you want to visit for your chiropractic needs!! Thank you to this magnificent team and keep up the great work!”

Stefanie Thompson

Stefanie Thompson

“Love the whole staff! Always friendly, prompt, professional and down to earth! Dr. Vish has been a lifesaver for helping me get back to feeling better all around and correcting my posture! He’s very knowledgeable and personable. I’m so glad I found this office!”
Casey McHugh

Casey McHugh


“Great professional wellness services, great Doctors, they explain and educate about issues and solutions. Staffs are friendly and accommodating. I recommend their services.”
Jenny Wilson

Jenny Wilson

Orange Park

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