Importance of Nutrition & Exercise in Jacksonville FL

Chiropractic Jacksonville FL Nutrition and Exercise

It’s no surprise that maintaining a healthy lifestyle of regular exercise and healthy nutrition in Jacksonville FL will make you feel better and this includes those with chronic or acute pain in the neck and back. Our team at Meridian Integrative Wellness believes in promoting a healthy lifestyle that addresses your health as a whole. For individuals with lower back pain, stretching and strengthening exercises are just as important as the chiropractic treatments we can offer you.

How Nutrition & Exercise Affects Your Body in Jacksonville FL

Studies have shown that proper, regular exercise when done correctly helps:

  1. Decreases and prevents pain
  2. Improves their quality of life
  3. Strengthens the entire area
  4. Restores endurance and strength in injured areas
  5. Stops adhesions with muscle contractions that lead to muscle spasms and the need for adjustments

With chiropractic care, regular aerobic exercise also promotes healthy muscle tone and better circulation, which reduces one’s chances of injury greatly.

Some experts have even gone so far as saying that exercise can be as effective as non-surgical treatments for intense lower back pain. So, get moving!

How Meridian Integrative Wellness Can Benefit Your Health

Our staff fully believes in the importance of both nutrition and exercise in combination with our professional chiropractic treatment methods. We can educate you on supplements to our therapies that will benefit your health and help restore it to optimal function.

To schedule an informative consultation with one of our professional team members today, call us at (904) 379-9412.

*Disclaimer: Please note it is important that you work directly with your primary care physician as well to determine if certain diets and exercises will work for your specific health. We offer suggestions, but it is vital you consult with them as well to conclude if they are safe for you.