If you or your loved one has been injured in a car accident, you should understand the painful and debilitating effects that auto accidents can give. People who get into this kind of accident oftentimes suffer from the following: headaches; dizziness, and pain in the neck and back.

Facts to Consider About Auto Injuries in Jacksonville, FL

Auto Accident ChiropractorCar accidents happen every day and here are a few facts that describe its effects on the victims:

  1. “Rear ender” accidents are just about 20% of all motor vehicle accidents. However, this type of accident causes majority of injuries and they can give long-term and persistent symptoms.
  2. Most accidents come as a surprise and the victim fails to anticipate to brace for impact. As a result, his or her spine and nervous system are most prone to injury.
  3. Older victims in a car accident normally suffer a more serious injury due to their slow healing rate and reduced strength and flexibility.
  4. Women have lighter muscular system which makes them prone to injuries during car crashes and related incidents.
  5. A typical car wreck or collision forces the head to turn to the other side which can increase the neck injury issues.
  6. Among all victims of auto injuries, half of them sustain lower back injuries and about 15% of them suffer serious nerve damage.

What to Do After the Car Accident

If you are in Jacksonville and need a car accident doctor, visit the Meridian Integrative Wellness website to schedule an appointment for a free consultation. However, if it is an emergency, you can go directly to any of the two Meridian clinics on Old Baymeadows Road or in Orange Park on of Kingsley Ave. so that they can attend to you immediately.

In many cases, most car crash victims don’t experience major symptoms right after the accident. However, it is recommended that they see the doctor as soon as they can to determine the extent of the injuries. It is very important that the victim be assessed so that proper treatment be given while the injury is easy to manage.

How Meridian Integrated Wellness Can Help You With Your Auto Injury

The staff at Meridian Integrated Wellness are experienced in what they do and when it comes to car accidents, they will assist you with your injury whenever you have agreed to the chiropractic treatment plan being designed for your needs. Choosing the right chiropractor is among the most important decisions to make after an automobile accident. If you are living in Jacksonville, Florida, Meridian Integrated Wellness has two clinics to choose from, one in Orange Park and the other one in Old Baymeadows Road.

Finding a car accident chiropractor in Jacksonville, FL is a trend in the United States and all over the world. Oftentimes, auto accident victims come out with a sore neck or back and just disregard it and treat it as a minor discomfort. However, in most cases, auto accidents result in injuries that show symptoms after a few years. Most of them may not be extremely painful or life threatening but they may be enough to hamper your daily activities and reduce the quality of your life because with chronic discomfort, the mood is affected thereby creating an impact on relationships with family and at work.

Meridian Integrative Wellness attends to the following most common car accident injuries:

  1. Whiplash. Most car accident victims experience whiplash as a result of the sudden movement of the head from back to front or vice-versa due to the impact of the car crash. Due to the intensity of the movement, many body parts may be damaged resulting to various symptoms such as shoulder, neck and back pain, dizziness, stiffness, arm pain, weakness, ringing in the ears and visual disturbances.
  2. Disk Herniation. In a car collision, the sudden impact can cause the disk structure that separates the vertebrae to rupture or slip. The result is severe pain of the neck, back, hand and leg. Slipped disks cause back pain that can be a lifelong problem. Many car accident victims don’t seek help until it is too late to be easily managed. Among the symptoms of disk herniation are back pain, numbness in back, legs, hands, calf, foot or toes.
  3. Chronic Back Pain. A car accident may take only a few seconds but the pain after the collision often lingers for a long time. A study from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine have shown that over 70 percent of people who have encountered car crash still feel neck and back pain 6 weeks after the accident. Auto accident victims often feel neck and back pain as well as muscle soreness and it takes several days for an inflammation to develop. Depending on the severity of the impact of the collision, the neck’s muscles, tendons and ligament may become inflamed and takes weeks to be fully healed.

The staff at Meridian Integrative Wellness are trained and experienced in improving the health of their patients. Their main concern is to assist them to recovery and feel relieved of the pain and discomfort that hinder them from enjoying an active lifestyle.

Meridian provides options of treatment and care such as chiropractic, physical medicine, massage therapy, therapeutic exercises, and nutrition. Dr. Nhat Nguyen will constantly add more options in the future so that they have more ways to cater to their patients’ needs at affordable cost. To him, the patient comes first and insurance should not hinder them from giving their patients the best treatment possible.

If you believe that chiropractic services can improve your health, why not set a free consultation with Dr. Nguyen so that both of you can work on a cost-effective chiropractic treatment package and rest assured, you will be feeling better in no time at all. You can call us at (904) 379-9412 if you live in Jacksonville near Old Baymeadows Road or (904) 541-4826 if you are planning to visit our Orange Park location. Come and join the many people who have benefited from the effective chiropractic care and treatment of Meridian Integrative Wellness.

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