Dr. Nhat Nguyen is the owner/founder of Meridian Integrative Wellness (MIW) with the hopes of providing quality chiropractic care to the Jacksonville community and empowering patients in order for them to be able to live a better quality of life.  With the inspiration of making an impact and change in the current health care system, he sets out to form an awesome team of providers and staff in order to deliver the best chiropractic and integrative services. MIW provides patients with a personalized experience in our office. The ultimate goal is for the patient to be better off than when they first came in and empower them with knowledge on how to regain control of their health.

MIW's vision for our patients is to empower them with the tools and resources necessary to take control over their health.  We understands fully how helpless an individual can feel when they're hurting and do not know why.  In order to give control back to the patients, we have developed strategies of care which will enable our patients to reach that goal.  The treatment plans we provide include a lot of education and explanation.  We believe that knowledge is power and educating our patients is the best form of care.  "Give a man a fish and you feed him for the day, teach a man how to fish and he'll be full for a lifetime."

Bachelor's of Science: University of Florida 2006
Doctorate of Chiropractic: New York Chiropractic College 2010
Board Certified 2010

Community Service
Dr. Nhat Nguyen believes in giving back and makes it a priority to allot time for community service.  Below are some of the programs that he enjoys giving his time to help our community grow.

Vietnamese Association of Jacksonville: 2010-2016
Daniel's Kids Foundation: 2014-Present
Special Olympics Golf Tournament: 2016-Present



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