“If You Suffer from Back or Neck Pain – Read This!

And find out how to FINALLY get relief…

Do any of these sound at all like you or someone you care for?

  • Endless doctor visits
  • Physical Therapy that might have made you feel good for a while
  • A cabinet full of ibuprofen, Advil, Aleve, Tylenol, or worse…
  • OxyContin, Vicodin, Percocet, or Codeine!!!

It’s time to stop the madness and get real relief.


“If you’ve suffered from back or neck pain for more than a few years, if you’ve tried all of the pills, the heat and ice packs, X-rays and MRI’s – and you still live with pain; then you may be about to read the most important letter ever”

My name is Dr. Nguyen and I’m a Board Certified Chiropractor. I’ve helped countless patients over the years with all kinds of ailments. The one I see the most in patients that come to my practice is back and neck pain.

It’s difficult for the medical community to appropriately diagnose and treat back and neck pain.

We’ve used some age old treatments as well as some of the latest modalities and there’s only one treatment that I find works best with my patients for the long term and I want to tell you about it.


The Problem

The human anatomy is the most complex system of working parts on the planet. Much more complex than the most powerful supercomputer, our bodies are a marvelous combination of nerves, bones, organs, and skin.

Our bodies also have a built in protection system which is our central nervous system. This vast array of more than 60,000 miles, circulates throughout the body sending signals back to the brain. It tells us when we’re hot or cold, when we get bitten by a bug, when someone touches us … and when we get injured.

When we injure our back or neck, we know where the pain is felt, but not always the cause.

  • I’m here to tell you that we believe most back and neck pain is caused by acute or chronic injury to the discs in our spine.

The reason I say, “We believe” is that the medical literature is all over the place when it comes to why our backs and necks hurt. The only thing that’s agreed upon is that the pain is communicated to our brains through our central nervous systems.

And the reason I believe that it’s due to a disc problem is that the treatment we most often use – is also the most effective treatment we’ve found.


Failed Solutions

“Failed Solutions” is a play on words. I realize that. It’s my way of saying what doctor after doctor or therapist after therapist typically tell you – one of two things:

  • You’re cured – Even though the pain comes back – or never goes away
  • You’re not cured – But we’ve done everything we can so you’ll have to live with the pain or roll the dice on a less than guaranteed disc surgery.

The most important thing we tell all of our patients and that most good doctors will tell their patients is to use “conservative” treatments first. That means try the over the counter pain medicine, ice and heat, physical therapy, chiropractic visits, etc.

Too many people want to rush to have surgery and fortunately they are usually talked out of that as an initial option.


Our Treatment That – Just Works

Hundreds of patients, if not over a thousand.

That’s the number of patients we’ve treated for back or neck pain using conservative treatment methods. And the one treatment that we’ve seen give the best results – Spinal Decompression Therapy.


“I tried everything and nothing helped enough until I went to see Dr. Nguyen. He explained how spinal decompression works and it made so much sense, but the proof would be if it worked. After just a few treatments where I didn’t feel anything laying on the table, my back felt 100 times better! Over time with a few more treatments, the pain went away completely! I’m so grateful to Dr. Nguyen and the whole staff at Meridian Wellness! -Brenda W.



 What’s Happening Inside YOU

Think of the job that the discs in your body do and what the discs are like.

The discs sit in between your vertebrae (backbone) and allow you to bend!

That’s right, without discs in between our vertebrae, we’d all walk around like scarecrows unable to move our heads or bend at all.

The other thing they do is act as shock absorbers when we walk, run, or carry things. I like to tell my patients to think of the discs in their spine as “jelly donuts”. They have a hard fibrous covering and a jelly like filling.

spinal disc

One of the things we discussed early on is how our amazing bodies have natural protective characteristics like telling us when something hurts. The body also has a ‘stabilization’ effect that’s on auto-pilot.

Think of your body’s natural reaction if someone pointed a fire hose at you and you knew you were about to get drenched! Or if someone tells you there’s a mosquito on your back and they are about to smack it dead with their hand.


Did you think that in both cases you’d protect yourself from what was about to happen?

With the fire hose, assuming you didn’t run, you’d cover your head, turn around, and tense up (contract your muscles). With the mosquito about to get whacked on your back… you’d contract those muscles so that the slap wouldn’t hurt!

The same thing happens INSIDE your body when you get injured. In order to protect your injured neck or back, your muscles in that area contract to stabilize the area from further injury.

Unfortunately, that can cause a couple of problems:

  1. The contracted (tightened) muscles can ‘compress’ (squeeze) the disc and surrounding joint causing the pain you feel in that area. 
  1. The contractions can also keep your body from healing naturally.
    1. When you injure yourself, your body sends extra blood and nutrients to the injured area to begin the healing process.
    2. If the area around the disc is contracted, those healing nutrients won’t be able to get there to do their job.


Why Spinal Decompression Therapy?

Let’s review what we know:

  • You injure your neck or back
  • Your body’s natural protection and stabilization modes are triggered
  • The muscles in the injured area contract
  • The disc and the joint are compressed causing pain
  • Your body sends blood and nutrients to the area, but they can’t flood the contracted area fully to do their job


After conservative treatment, let’s reverse the above process!


“I got into a pretty bad car accident and fortunately, I was able to walk away without being hurt. Little did I know, a couple of days after, my neck really got stiff and I had pain shooting all the way down my right arm! I went to physical therapy, but got only temporary relief.

 When I started the decompression, I was really skeptical, but I can’t tell you how much better I feel. I can almost see what’s happening in my body as its getting better. The whole area is relaxing and healing. My neck is a little stiff still, but I know that will clear up soon. And the shooting pain in my arm and shoulder? Gone, gone, and gone!!!

-Robert B.


The Water Balloon Effect

The other analogy I show my decompression patients and I actually have them do it themselves, is to give them a water balloon and I have them hold it between their hands in front of them horizontally.

When they press down on the balloon, even just a little, the sides of the balloon push out. I then ask them to release the pressure and the sides of the balloon go back into a more uniform shape.

Disc compression


I tell them that’s what’s happening with the compressed or bulging disc. As the muscles contract, they push the side of the disc out where its injured and it presses on the nerve sending pain signals to the brain.

I almost always see the ‘lightbulb’ going on over their head when they understand what’s happening. That’s usually enough to get them running over to my office manager to schedule their first treatment!

I hope you’ll do the same now – Call us at phone number or click this link to schedule an appointment.


The Process

Spinal Decompression Therapy is simple. You don’t need to change or remove any of your clothes. You lie on a motorized table, the lower half of which can move, and you get a simple and slight stretch of the spine.

This stretch is what relieves pressure on the discs and also helps the contracted muscles in that area stretch with the goal of relieving back or neck pain.

The benefits in medical-terms are:

  • Create a negative intradiscal pressure to promote retraction or repositioning of the herniated or bulging disc material.
  • Create a lower pressure in the disc that will cause an influx of healing nutrients and other substances into the disc.

You won’t feel pain during or after the decompression therapy although you might feel a slight stretch in the spine.

That’s it! Sessions can last anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes where you’re laying down comfortably the whole time.


It’s Decision Time

Let’s quickly recap what we’ve learned:

  • We know what it’s like to suffer and not find an effective treatment
  • We ‘think’ we know what’s causing your back and neck pain
  • We reviewed the logical reasons that the treatment works
  • We heard directly from a couple of my patients who struggled with pain until they tried spinal decompression therapy
  • We know from our years of experience that it’s the most effective treatment in our practice
  • We learned that the treatment is painless and relaxing
  • We want you better!!!

So your decision is easy – call us or click here to schedule an appointment now.

You can ignore the evidence, the satisfied patients, and everything I’ve said.

But – You can’t and you should NOT ignore the pain when we have an effective treatment.

What if it doesn’t work….?

Let’s look at what could happen if the treatment works and also if it doesn’t work

If it doesn’t work:

* I tried a new treatment and now I know that there may be something else besides a damaged disc causing my pain so I’ll look at other alternatives

* I’m disappointed, but determined to find the source of the pain and get it fixed!

If the treatment DOES work:

* The pain is gone!

* My life is changed for the better in so many ways!

* I can begin to do the things I couldn’t with the pain!

* I’m happy and my outlook on everything is so much brighter!

Call us now to schedule an evaluation phone number or click here to find and schedule an open spot to see us.

Don’t wait. If not just for you – do it for your family and friends who want to see you pain-free.

Please take a moment to think about what your life will be like without the pain. How you will be able to do the things you couldn’t? How it weighs so heavily on your mind?

And now – Take the next step – schedule an appointment with us.

Yours in health,

Dr. Nguyen

P.S. – We’re leaving special visits open for new spinal decompression therapy patients, so please make sure to tell our office that you received this letter and that you’d like one of these appointments to get in to see us quickly.

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