Physical Therapy services

A comprehensive evaluation of functional limitations and areas of pain is determined when you go through your examination with our doctor. Once those areas of concern are discovered, a treatment plan that includes physical therapy will be designed to get you back functioning at your peak performance. We take a holistic approach throughout your treatment in order to help you return to doing your activities of daily living without pain.

When you are released from care, you will receive a personalized home exercise program to allow you to stay healthy and improve your rehabilitation.

Our services is for everyone!

Our doctor will consult with you on the treatment plan that will get your the best results the fastest. With consistent care and regular maintenance, your road to recovery will be a quick and painless.  The hardest part about our treatment plan is consistently getting the treatment, i.e. showing up!  Imagine building a house with bricks missing here and there, how long do you think that house will stay up?  It is similar to your treatment plan. We've built a blueprint for a strong structural body to last you a lifetime.  You just have to follow it step by step.

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