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Robotic Surgeon North Hills

A lot of people find surgery nerve-wracking, which is why it’s vital to let yourself at the hands of experienced and highly skilled surgeons. At North Texas Surgical Specialists, we treated over 6,500 patients and performed 111 robotic procedures and 487 weight loss procedures. If you are looking for a robotic surgeon in North Hills, please contact us.

What robotic surgery involves

There are human errors, even with the most skilled and experienced surgeons. Robotic surgery helps surgeons perform complex surgical tasks that are minimally invasive and far more reliable and precise. The superior precision of robotic surgery enables surgeons to make smaller incisions that are a fraction of an inch. We use the DaVinci Robotic Surgical System that performed over 6 million surgical procedures to date.

Robotic surgery systems have mechanical arms with small surgical tools that can fit inside the small incisions. There is also arm with a camera that allows surgeons to visualize inside the incision. The surgeon controls the arms with the surgical tools via a console, so it does involve some manual operation. Robotic surgery can perform numerous procedures such as coronary artery bypass, gallbladder removal, hip replacement, and kidney removals.

Benefits of robotic surgery

There is a myriad of benefits of robotic surgery over traditional methods of operation. Firstly, the much better accuracy and precision leave less room for human error. This also means that surgeons can make smaller incisions, which translates to faster recovery time for the patient. If you are looking for a top-notch robotic surgeon in North Hills, please contact us or book an appointment.

Smaller incisions also mean less trauma, blood loss, and scarring for the patient, as well as a reduced risk of infections. Robotic surgery is also beneficial for the surgeons, of course, as it enables much better visualization, greater maneuverability, and speed, which puts less stress on them.

Risks of robotic surgery

While robotic surgery is not entirely free of risks, the risks are much smaller and less likely than conventional surgery. However, the skill and experience of your surgeon will influence the effectiveness of robotic surgery.

After all, robotic surgery is not an entirely automatic procedure and depends on how familiar your surgeons are with operating the robotic system. Not all surgeons have experience or familiarity with robotic surgery, and it takes a while to learn.

How cancer treatment and diagnosis uses surgery

Cancer treatment can involve many types of surgical procedures, from diagnosing cancers to removing tumors. The most common way to diagnose cancer is through biopsies, where a surgeon makes an incision near the suspect area and removes a small piece of tissue. They can then confirm by testing this tissue.

Staging surgery involves finding out the size of the tumor and how far it spread. Tumor removal surgery removes the tumor and nearby tissue. This surgery can supplement other forms of treatment like chemotherapy.

North Texas Surgical Specialists offer minimally invasive procedures and the experience of our robotic surgeon in North Hills. After performing over 100 robotic procedures with the Da Vinci system, you can trust our experience and reliability.

Robotic Surgeon North Hills

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