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Residential Addiction Treatment Tennessee

Recovery from addiction is a very tough process. It is however an achievable feat especially when the right treatment plan is chosen. The right treatment plan helps to make the recovery process easier.

There are a lot of treatment options for addiction. There is an outpatient program, partial hospitalization, inpatient or residential addiction treatment in Tennessee. 

The right treatment plan for a patient depends on individual factors such as;

  • Severity of addiction
  • Presence or absence of physical and/or mental illness or disorders.
  • The severity of withdrawal symptoms and other important factors.

Residential Addiction Treatment 

Residential or inpatient rehabilitation programs involve the treatment of patients in a monitored environment. This means that patients have to leave their residences for the period of treatment.

Residential addiction treatment in Tennessee has shown to be a very treatment option. It is a prescribed option for severe addiction cases.

Why Residential Addiction Treatment is the Best option 

The inpatient treatment program has been designed in a way that creates a high chance of recovery. Residential treatment plans are individual-based.

Series of procedures are carried out before the severity of the addiction is decided, thereafter, the best treatment combination for patients is determined.

Assessment is firstly done by medical professionals and the data gathered from the assessment stage is used to deduce treatment. These are some of the treatments provided:

Medical Detox

This is the first stage towards recovery and it is a very important stage as well. Detox can be a very tough and dangerous stage depending on how substance-dependent a patient is and how long they have been addicted.

This is why patients should perform medically supervised detoxification. Medically supervised detox can be easily overcome as professionals can help patients manage the symptoms.

In very extreme cases, medications can be prescribed to reduce harsh symptoms. Residential treatment provides supervised detoxification that increases the chance of success.


After a successful detox, activities are organized to ensure recovery. One of which is therapy. The therapy sessions organized in residential rehab are very thorough and engaging.

They are scheduled based on individual needs. The 24/7 monitoring and support helps facility staff and medical professionals to understand and care for patients better.

Different therapy sessions are scheduled such as;

  • Individual therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).
  • Group therapy 
  • Family or couples counseling and so on.

Mind and Skills Building Sessions

One great advantage of residential treatment is the sessions organized that positively influence patients both mentally and physically. Series of activities are organized such as;

  • Exercise
  • Yoga
  • Productive skills 
  • Transition skills.

All these help to change patients’ life orientation. They can recognize factors contributing to addiction and this knowledge helps them to avoid those negative factors.

Residential addiction treatment in Tennessee helps them to develop coping skills and other skills that would be useful to them after rehab. The duration of treatment, round-the-clock supervision, organized sessions, and conducive environment have made inpatient treatment the best addiction treatment option.

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Residential Addiction Treatment Tennessee

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Residential Addiction Treatment Tennessee

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