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When parents give birth to their child and are ready to hold the responsibility on their shoulders, they discover their children’s needs easily. Hence mental health issues of children are not that easy to discover. A child with a proper and stable mental health condition is right in the developmental stage, they can think clearly, and can learn new skills according to their age. Moreover strong family support combined with friends can play a huge role to develop and improve confidence and self-esteem in children.

In Orange County, behavioral health clinics are available that make a proper diagnosis of teen mental health and thereby suggest treatment according to the signs and symptoms that are likely seen. Hence children and adolescents need to be analyzed by a psychiatrist, psychologist, or other mental health care professional. At our OC Teen Center, we have an incredible child psychologist in Orange County California which makes us top of the line provider of pediatric mental health services in Orange County.

How We Work Intensely With Parents And Children?

At our center, we provide various treatment options according to each child’s needs.


At our center, we involve parents to work with us to closely monitor and help in the betterment of their child. We have highly qualified teen psychologists in Orange County that know different techniques and ways to address your child’s problem. With young children our psychotherapy may include playtime or games, we talk with the child while they are playing. During psychotherapy, children and adolescents learn how to express their thoughts, what they feel and how to talk about their thoughts and feelings, how to answer back, how to learn new behaviors, and managing skills. We offer one on one and group therapy, depending on the need.


During your child’s stay, we ensure he gets the best treatment in a safe and comfortable environment. Our adolescent psychologist in SoCal may also recommend medication along with other therapies. Children at an early age are mainly targeted by depression, anxiety, and development issues which can lead to thoughts of self-harm. There are various medications available to treat this. Hence, at our center, we ensure to explain all the risks, side effects, and benefits of these medications to the parents.

We Involve Parent At Every Step:

At our center, we realized the importance of parents’ involvement. Therefore we ensure parents are fully aware of the illness and its solutions. Family counseling is part of our plan which means we take parents as partners in their child’s treatment process.

Parents Focused Approach:

At our center, our professionals examine parents and children together and then make recommendations. Often due to parent negligence or rough behavior that doesn’t meet your child’s personality often worsens the condition and risk associated. Therefore we train parents how to adopt positive behavior plus how to handle children during harsh and difficult behavior. Parents are made to learn stress management techniques, they should know how to relax and adopt calm behavior during difficult times. This will allow them to respond calmly and explore ways to have fun and quality time with their children too. This leads to higher chances of recovery. Parents are explained how to appreciate and praise their children’s strengths and capabilities.

At our center, you can get top-notch quality treatment for your children under-qualified professionals who practice friendly and cooperative endeavors in a positive and inspiring environment under proper supervision. Reach us for the best youth therapy in southern California. To speak with admissions or to ask questions, contact us by phone or email. 714-716-5044

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