Jacksonville Overview

A Brief Overview of Jacksonville, FL

Florida is home to some of the most beautiful cities on the planet and Jacksonville can add its name to the list. Jacksonville, FL is a vibrant city with lovely weather, beautiful beaches, and great people. It’s home to 913,000+ citizens, and the number continues to rise with each passing year. There is an allure to this part of Florida that is hard to ignore and is a big reason Jacksonville is adored.  It is the biggest city in the state of Florida sitting at 874 square miles of land. Here is more on the vibrant city and what it has to offer.


It was founded in the year 1791 before being incorporated later on in the year 1832. It was named after the prominent figure Andrew Jackson. It’s important to note the region was occupied by residents for years before it was founded by early settlers setting up shop in Jacksonville. The Mocama villages were settled here, and that was before the settlers arrived on the shores of America. It was after the French and Indian War where Spain ceded this part of Florida to the British.

Key Attractions in Jacksonville

What are some of the key attractions in Jacksonville for locals and tourists to visit? Jacksonville is home to numerous gorgeous attractions, and that is why it is a tourist hub. The attractions are up-to-date, and the pleasant weather doesn’t hurt.

As one can see, Jacksonville is well-regarded for its national and state parks. These are lovely locations and a big part of the appeal in Jacksonville.

Diverse Population

How about the community in Jacksonville? Is it predominantly one race or religion? No, in fact, Jacksonville is one of the most diverse parts of Florida and is home to people from all walks of life. While the majority religious group is Protestant, there are various other religious minorities in the region. The racial demographic is diverse as well. This is a big part of life in Jacksonville and is one of the reasons it continues to be cited as a diverse area.


What is the first thing a person will note when it comes to Jacksonville?

It won’t be the people, and it won’t be the key attractions. In fact, it won’t be the history either! It is always going to be the beautiful weather. Jacksonville is a humid subtropical climate. In essence, this means the summers are sweltering hot with loads of humidity while the winters are mild. Temperatures tend to drop as the winter months roll around to a pleasant state. Most of the rainfall takes place during the summer season before ending in September. Most of the times, the temperature will settle down in the mid-20s. During the peak times of the season when it is at its hottest, the temperature can rise into the late 30s.

Jacksonville Overview

Key Neighborhoods

For those who are spending time in Jacksonville and might be moving into the city, it’s important to list out the various neighborhoods.

  • Riverside
  • Avondale
  • LaVilla
  • Ortega
  • Brooklyn
  • Northbank
  • Southbank
  • Springfield
  • San Marco
  • Southside / Mandarin

These are the neighborhoods spread across the city of Jacksonville. If you are ever in the Southside or Mandarin area be sure to stop by our Jacksonville office to say hi.

Economy of Jacksonville

This is a city home to leading port making it the number one stop for various transportation and shipping companies around the world. Various automobile companies ship their vehicles to this port before having them moved around to other parts of the nation. This is what drives its economy as it leverages the city’s location.

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