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How Long Does Alcohol Detox Take

Detoxification is the removal of harmful substances from the body. When alcohol intake has become incessant and gets to a point where it’s hard to stop drinking, addiction happens.

Alcohol detox is the first step out of alcohol addiction. This is not an easy feat but can be achieved with proper medically-supervised treatments.

Alcohol Detox Treatment Programs

There are various effective treatment programs for substance addiction. 

Treatment is determined by the extent of alcohol addiction as well as the severity of alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

1.Drug Treatment: 

There are medically approved drugs that can reduce the intake of alcohol and also help to lessen withdrawal symptoms.

Some alcohol detox drugs include; Benzodiazepines, Barbiturates, Antipsychotics, Anticonvulsants, Baclofen, etc.

They help manage withdrawal symptoms and speed up the recovery process.

2.Alcohol Detox Treatment Centers

A fully outlined treatment program is made available in treatment centers. This is usually an advisable option in cases of chronic alcohol and drug dependency.

Detox treatment centers provided services such as; 

  • Consultation
  • Diagnosis
  • Specialized Treatments
  • Therapy
  • Transition Plan

How Long Does Alcohol Detox Take?

Complete detoxification duration is dependent on individual patients. Patients with a high alcohol intake will have more severe withdrawal symptoms and take more time to complete the process.

Alcohol Detox Timeline 

  • 8 Hours: 

Withdrawal symptoms start within 8 hours after detoxification commences. In patients with high alcohol consumption, withdrawal begins in less than 8 hours.

This stage includes symptoms like; minor hand tremors, excessive sweating, anxiety, loss of appetite, insomnia, etc.

  • 24-72 Hours:

During this period, symptoms become severe. Symptoms include; hallucinations, incoordination, mental confusion, etc.

  • 5-10 Days:

Depending on the individual patient, this period can be fatal, especially if delirium tremens occur.

Medical treatment and assistance are required.

After these periods, patients begin to regain themselves and are on the way to recovery.

How We Speed Up Alcohol Detox

It is important to note that detox from drugs can be a slow and gradual process. In cases where patients keep relapsing and have underlying health conditions, it takes longer periods to achieve detoxification.

With this in mind, we are fully equipped to reduce how long alcohol detox takes. We incorporate techniques such as;

1. Psychological Evaluation: 

We take into consideration that psychological factors often accompany alcohol dependence.

Some patients are alcoholics due to some factors that result in depression, anxiety, or social withdrawal. Some even require alcohol abuse disorder treatment.

Tackling the problem from the root is a complete treatment method that will speed up the entire process.

2.Competent Handling of Withdrawal Symptoms:

With withdrawal being one of the most difficult parts of the treatment process, we focus on making it bearable and achievable.

We have a fully equipped medical facility to manage withdrawal symptoms, prevent fatalities and treat complications.


Relapse contributes to extended detox time. We help patients develop healthy habits and fill their detox period with engaging activities.

Focusing on productive and relaxing activities is a big help during withdrawal. This rapidly reduces how long an alcohol detox takes.

Never go through alcohol detox and withdrawal symptoms alone, reach out to us to achieve an easier recovery and in a short period.



How Long Does Alcohol Detox Take

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