10 Health Benefits of Massage Therapy in Jacksonville, FL

Surprisingly, most people in Jacksonville remember that they need a good massage only when they feel muscle aches and pain. Though this may be true, massage therapy has more health benefits than just soothing the muscles and relieving the pain due to due to overwork and stress.

Here are ten of the various health benefits of massage therapy and the reasons why people need a regular massage program:


  1. To ease muscle pain. When we get sore muscles, the first thing that comes into our mind is to have a massage therapy. The way a therapist manipulates the muscles in our body is an indication that this activity can help increase and improve circulation in the same way that we rub our elbow to relieve pain after it has been knocked on the table. Studies have shown that massage therapy may not be the best but it is definitely as effective as other methods used to treat chronic back pain.
  2. To help soothe anxiety and depression. After a day of work, it is natural to feel the stress and tense because one becomes tired after a stressful day. Certain events during the day may have also caused anxiety and depression. A good Jacksonville massage therapist can help soothe stress, anxiety and depression. He or she can administer various massage techniques that can help calm the mind, relieve the body’s pain and soothe emotional/psychological issues.Some medical conditions have been triggered and developed due to too much stress. Many people have attested to the fact that a regular massage therapy can greatly help promote relaxation as well as reduce stress, depression and anxiety levels. These people have claimed positive effect after every massage therapy session.
  3. To improve sleep. You must have noticed that right after a massage session in Jacksonville, you feel sleepy and when you are already in bed, it is easy to close your eyes and get a good comfortable rest. Massage has been proven to promote relaxation and sleep especially to people who are undergoing delicate sessions such as chemotherapy.Mothers have used infant massage to help prevent infants from crying and make them sleep more. The more they cry, the more they are stressed. Mothers don’t really need to learn about the details of an infant massage but their motherly touch can greatly help soothe the baby.
  4. To boost the immune system. Various studies show that massage help boost a person’s while blood cell count which contributes more in defending the body from disease. Likewise, people with HIV can benefit from an increase in immune function if they undergo regular massage.
  5. To relieve headaches. Massage helps soothe the muscles and nerves thereby decreasing the frequency and severity of headaches due to tension and stress. It has an immediate effect on a person’s perceived pain resulting from chronic tension headaches.
  6. To counteract stress due to prolonged sitting. Individuals working in offices and those who spend most of their time sitting deal with some kind of postural stress. The stress we get from prolonged sitting manifests in the shoulders and neck. Sometimes, the postural stress becomes more advanced and may show up as pain in the lower back and gluteals that are the result of prolonged periods of sitting position. Massage therapy in Jacksonville, FL can help soothe the weakness or pain in the lower back because it can counteract the imbalance that too much sitting can give. For as long as you have a regular massage schedule, a desk job is not that bad at all.
  7. To improve post-injury rehabilitation. After an auto accident or an incident that has affected one’s physical movement, there is a need to recover and strengthen the weak muscles and nerves of the body. A consistent massage therapy program can help rehabilitate the body with its sessions geared in increasing the patient’s strength and flexibility with the hope of returning to its full pre-injury state.While there are standard injury rehabilitation procedures, massage pays a vital role in supplementing them. With appropriate circulatory movement and relaxing muscles, the body can pump more oxygen and send more nutrients to the tissues and vital organs. Rehabilitation becomes faster and more flexible.
  8. To improve posture. Poor posture definitely makes one look bad but then, there is a more important reason why we should always be concerned with our posture and this is not about beauty.When we hunch forward, our body is not in its proper alignment. As such, the muscles are forced to work harder the whole time that we are in this position. The same holds true when you slouch. You press down the internal organs in your body and this affects digestion. It also hinders the blood circulation function and one’s breathing capacity.A good massage can help you get back on track by loosening the muscles that are sore due to wrong posture and by soothing the overworked muscles.
  9. To improve flexibility and range of motion. Exercise have greatly helped people maintain flexibility and keep a wide range of motion. However, the people today live a more sedentary lifestyle compared before and when they age, there are more chances that their joints tighten resulting in restricted flexibility and range of motion.A regular massage therapy can help maintain flexibility. It is very beneficial to the body because as it works on the muscles, tendons, ligaments, connective tissues and joints, it keeps the joints more fluid and stronger.
  10. To help lower blood pressure. A massage therapy is an effective natural way of staving off high blood pressure. Studies have shown that a consistent massage program can help improve one’s body functions. It can decrease diastolic and systolic blood pressure. Massage can also help reduce salivary and urinary cortisol stress-hormone levels. At times, high blood pressure can be attributed to mood swings but a regular massage therapy can help reduce feelings of anxiety, depression, and hostility.

Massage therapy in Jacksonville has always been synonymous with “relaxing me-time”. However, various studies prove that it can also give physical as well as emotional benefits and can  help in achieving a balanced lifestyle.

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